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tellementjolie's Journal

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I'm waiting for Madeleine
But I'm getting soaked and wet
I've been soaked since half past ten
Madeleine is not here yet

Ce soir j'attends Madeleine
Mais il pleut sur mes lilas
Il pleut comme toutes les semaines
Et Madeleine n'arrive pas

Basil: Try to control yourself. Where do you think you are? Paris?
Sybil: Let me in!
Basil: Shut up, will you, you silly great tart! Go away! My wife will hear us.
Sybil: This is your wife.
(Basil opens the door.)
Basil: Oh, what a terrible dream!

[Manuel is leaning down behind the desk, as the Major enters the reception lobby. The latter sees only the head of the moose.]
Manuel: How are you, sir. I can speak English. Hello, Major. How are you today?
Major: Er ... er ... er ... I'm fine, thank you.
Manuel: Is a beautiful day today.
Major: Er ... is it? Yes, yes, I suppose it is.
Manuel: I speak English! I learn it from a book!